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NAN My Approach To Psychotherapy

In my over 35 years as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker I have a wealth of experience working with numerous people from varied backgrounds. From the initial contact and throughout treatment I try to create a warm, positive environment for people to look at their issues. I believe we play many roles in our life. Some very successfully, some satisfactorily, and some that need improvement. I help people explore possibilities and ways we can improve. My approach is interactive and eclectic using psychodynamic, psychodramatic and cognitive techniques. Everyone is different. With each person I develop techniques or strategies that can be most beneficial to them. The areas that I have worked extensively with are issues of anxiety, depression, relationships, alcoholism and substance abuse, codependency, eating disorder, career issues, and coping with physical illness.


In addition to talk therapy I am trained psychodramatist in action methods. I often employ action techniques to help clients express their feelings. I have found for many people experiential exercises can help them deal with their issues more effectively. Aside from individual and couple therapy, I facilitate weekly and monthly groups which use experiential techniques to explore those areas they want to improve.

Supervisor / Consultant / Trainer

In addition to an active practice, I consult, supervise and train other mental health professionals. I am also Director of the Continuing Education Program at the Sociometric Institute and the Co-Director of the Psychodrama Training Institute: a Division of the Sociometric Institute.


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